Observation outdoor an activity for toddlers and children under 6

How Nature’s Pals classes for toddlers and kids work

After a brief check-in, Nature’s Pals classes for toddlers and kids begin with a brief curiosity walk, where children aka “Little Pals”, are encouraged to lead, observe and engage their senses. After our curiosity walk, Little Pals are guided to circle-time where we will sing songs, tell stories, or participate in interactive STEAM play stations.

Your Little Pal will love exploring our interactive play stations. We utilize these stations to expose children to a variety of experiences. Play stations activities focus on learning and exploring through play, such as:

  • Nature weaving
  • Painting
  • Den making
  • Cricket houses
  • Twig string art
  • Impressions with nature’s stampers
  • and more!
Observation outdoors is an activity for toddlers and children under 6

Discover where our classes for toddlers and kids go

Our goal is to expose our Little Pals to a variety experiences in nature, so class locations may alternate. Each one of our classes for toddlers and kids are 100% outdoors. Adventure classes start within a 10 mile radius from your class’ “home” location. Some of our favorite resources to find locations are All Trails, East Bay Parks, Bay Area Hiker, and the California Protected Areas Database.

Child picking up stick as an exploration activity outdoors

What to wear

Our adventure classes for toddlers and kids happen outdoors rain or shine. Please dress your children aka “Little Pals” in weather appropriate attire, such as, waterproof hiking boots, sweaters, beanies and parkas for rainy days, and hiking boots with layered clothing, tall socks and a hat with a visor for warmer weather.

For cold days we recommend layering for Little Pals and adult attendees. An example of layers for cold days would be a base layer (long johns and undershirt), play clothes (wool sweater and fleece pants), and an outer layer (water proof winter coat, snow pants, water proof gloves and a warm beanie). 

Clothes and shoes may get dirty
. We encourage getting items from second hand stores, like Savers, The Salvation Army or hand-me-downs from older family members.

In all weather wear tall socks. Please tuck the bottom of pants into socks. This will help prevent Little Insect Pals from crawling up pant legs. REI and the National Wildlife Federation have some helpful info on how to dress kids for the outdoors on cold, rainy, or warm days.

Nature exploration is a perfect activity class for children

What to bring

Please bring to each adventure class a pre-filled water bottle for yourself and your Little Pals, in addition to sunscreen (lotion or stick, please no sprays). If your Little Pal is a snacker, feel free to bring a snack. We want everyone to be happy and content.

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